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by bruce seaton
Seven Great Ways to use 1SE Freestyle
Projects, vacations, baby-trackers, and more
The 1 Second Everyday app is most often used as a video diary. It lets people capture moments of each day and then stitch those moments together into audio-visual stories of their lives. These projects are called Timelines.
But I, like some other 1SE-using humans, spend more time using the app to make Freestyle videos. Freestyles are non-calendar-based projects that allow us to use as many snippets as we want from any day, and in any order. Here are seven use cases for Freestyle that anyone can easily make use of in 1 Second Everyday.
1. Document a Project
1SE Freestyle is a great way to record your creative ventures. Whether you intend it as a visual tutorial, an entertaining mini-documentary, or simply a way to record a project for posterity, you can make a concise record of something you made. Check out this gorgeous shawl @lilly.rehn made and documented with 1SE!
Here's a sweet Freestyle video detailing the trials and tribulations of assembling a top-notch Spider-Gwen costume from @paprika_cosplay.
I do a fair amount of carpentry work around the house, but I don't have an indoor space big enough to act as a wood shop, so I had to build myself a work table that could stand up to the elements. Here's a Freestyle video of how that project came together.
2. Capture a Special Day
Some days just have too many amazing moments to be represented by only one snippet. Freestyle allows users to pick as many moments as they want from these special days and create videos that focus on the really extraordinary things that make them unique. Here's 1SE CPO Jason Forest's Freestyle of his son's first trip to NYC at Christmas.
1SE Lead Customer Advocate Silvia and her husband recently attended a wedding, and Silvia captured this footage of the special day in a Freestyle.
1SE Android developer Jordon planned an elaborate day (during quarantine!) for asking his girlfriend to marry him, and recorded the whole thing with a 1SE Freestyle. Congratulations, Jordon and Heather!
3. Make it Fun
1SE Freestyle doesn't have to be about processes or specific times – it's also a great tool for making themed or humorous videos. Here's an impressive video from firefighter and back-flipper extraordinaire @chadlayton123:
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And here's one from @kaykayjane that shows off her love of all things Mickey:
4. A Feast for the Eyes
Got a new recipe you're dying to try? Do you have a favorite that you want to share? Document your culinary exploits with a 1SE Freestyle. Here's Jason Forest's amazing red chile sauce. Note that he actually includes the recipe directions in the video itself. You know you did it right if every dish in the kitchen is dirty when you're done.
And there's nothing like fresh, homemade bread. This mouthwatering Freestyle comes from food blogger @2peas_and_acarrot.
5. Remember a Vacation
A family vacation to the beach, a work trip to a new place, a visit with family in another city – it's difficult to represent times that tend to be packed with memories in just a couple of seconds. Freestyle is great for times like this. Sure, keep just a couple of seconds from these voyages in your main timeline, but make a more complete record of them with a Freestyle video that you can share with the folks you traveled with or saw. Here's one from 1SE Senior Product Designer Sharon Rosenberg of a trip through the Atacama:
And here's another from Brand Manager Emily Volk's trip to Hawai'i:
6. Baby Bump it!
A fun trend we've seen lately is for expecting mothers to track their baby bumps using 1SE Freestyle. It's interesting to see the bump grow, and the payoff at the end is great. Here's a week-by-week bundle-of-joy tracker from @chelsea_manzo:
7. Cat-and-Dog Features
Do you keep a standard 1SE timeline, but want to make a compilation featuring just moments of your furry friend? Try sticking all those moments into a 1SE Freestyle! Here's a classic from one of our favorite chatty 1SE felines, the inimitable @grumpy_pumpkin_cat:
What's next?
What other things can you do with a 1SE Freestyle compilation? Only you know for sure – we're constantly coming across amazing projects made by 1SE humans that would never have occurred to us. If you're brand-new to 1SE, you might want to start with our walk-through of the app here. If you just need some pointers on how to get started with 1SE Freestyle, check out our how-to video here.

Let your own creativity, hobbies, loves, and ideas guide you, or use one of the ideas listed here as a starting point to develop your own unique 1SE Freestyle!

Bruce Seaton
is 1 Second Everyday's Content Creator. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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